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are getting married



Oceanside, California


November 14, 2024

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Think you can join us? Please request an invitation, and we'll mail you one with an rsvp link! If there's anyone else you'd like to invite, please share their names, and we'll make every effort to accommodate them. Rest assured, this IS NOT an RSVP request; the RSVP link will be included with mailed invitations. <3

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Thursday/ November 14 / 2024 / OceansideThursday/ November 14 / 2024 / Oceanside / Thursday / November 14 / 2024 / Oceanside

Save the Date / Gary & Selena / Oh Mai / Save the Date / Gary & Selena / Oh Mai

Our Story

Long ago in 2006 a friendship was forged in a pre-algebra class in Corona California. One was good at math, the other, not so much. As the years went by and the two entered high school as young adults their friendship only grew. Spending holidays together and going to high school dances, supporting each other as they moved through the hustle and bustle of high school. Finding loves and losing loves. Eventually they would separate and the friendship would be set on pause as life had different plans for the two of them. One going to college and the other staying in their hometown. The two would eventually meet up again and rekindle that lost friendship. Occasionally meeting up for food and hanging out at a karaoke bar. They began to grow fond of each others company. Neither of them noticed or saw what was actually happening though. That the deep sense of unconditional love that was always there from the beginning had began to slowly transform into affection for one another. - written by Gary Mai



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